“Time is a great healer”: I’m yet to be convinced of this.
But there we go, time will tell if I’m wrong!!

This is the moment every mother fears,
The final gasp inside that tiny frame,
No spark of life but racking sobs and tears,
Just memories, a body and the name.

My mind explores the story I’ve been told.
The little bundle speeding through the night,
The child alone, his body stiff and cold,
The siren and the flashing bright blue light.

This suckling two year old had suffered pain,
A broken leg, and lesions in his lung.
His struggle to survive was all in vain.
I’m sad that parents lose a child so young.

It matters not he died in ancient Greece,
Two thousand years will never bring them peace.

This poem was inspired by the story told by a guide at the Ashmolean Museum. We were looking at a 2000 year old mummified body of a child from Roman occupied Greece. She told how it had been taken to London for a CT scan in an ambulance blue lights flashing up the M32.

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