Rock And Roll

Up to this point I had imagined that sadness and loss were the wellsprings that inspired me to write poems that I felt were good enough to share with the world. Imagine my astonishment when on the day after the most unhappy day of my life this comes bursting into my world. I have no idea where it came from but boy oh boy it made me so happy.


I’m sipping at the well of sex,
I shudder as my tongue connects
With your soft and scented skin,
I slowly taste you, toes to chin.
I’ve learnt that joy is to caress
You with a loving tenderness.
Now I’m old my manhood swells
So rarely that you’d think that knells
The end of sex and joy with you,
Instead I find my love renew.
Gone is the need to yearn for spasm.
The striving for my own orgasm
Once made me blind to all the joy
That we can have if we just toy.
Performing all those loving lays,
The touching, lovely songs of praise.

If you would like to hear me reading this poem then click  here alternatively you might feel your time is better spent looking at pictures of apples, if so click here!!

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