Real Improv

Who’s to say what the world is really like? I’m convinced that Dementia offers an insight into the marvellous workings of the creative human mind. If only I had so much originality and spontaneity!


We sit out in the garden, in the sun,
With bread and cheese washed down with cups of tea,
You’re dreamy but you’re clearly having fun.
“Oh Charlie look my hands, I now have three!*

I look askance, you proffer up your arms,
Just two, of course the third is hid away
Inside your mind, I’m looking at your palms
“That’s really useful for you Moll” I say

You smile and nod content to pass the time
Your moment’s gone, your hands now just a pair
My moment’s everlasting and sublime
Occasions such as this are very rare.

Though different both our worlds are very blessed
I’m thankful that despite the pain there’s rest.

If you would like to hear me reading this poem then click  here alternatively you might feel your time is better spent looking at pictures of bananas, if so click here!!

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2 thoughts on “Real Improv

  1. Joy through loving acceptance, that’s what this sonnet shows to me and as such, I find it utterly wonderful. The sun seems to be shining upon you both, as you sit enjoying your tea, and cheese and one another.
    The bananas were funny (of course I looked at them)but your voice reading your work was much more moving.

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