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Lavender Essence

I am lucky enough to count the wonderful Dr Elinor Kapp amongst my friends. As well as her hospice work and career in Psychiatry, Elinor is a poet, storyteller and a magnificent textile artist. We’ve been discussing the idea of creating poems about the senses. Read more

Noble Peace

A poem dedicated to Isobel. Read more

A Peaceful Midsummer

A poem dedicated to Ellie. Read more

Continuing The Conversation

I’m regularly attending poetry groups which have open mic sessions. I guess my poems are currently pretty grim listening. Read more

The Heel

Judging when to help and when to stand when you are caring for someone back is almost impossible to get right all the time. Read more


One one of the FaceBook groups I’m part of I saw a heart-wrenching piece which struck me as a cry for help.  Read more

Tender Shoots

My wife and I lived in the one home for 43 years. The house is full of lovely memories. Read more

A Line To The Past

We keep a digital photo-frame in our kitchen. Nearly all our family photos are on it cycling continually through. One day I saw a picture of my grandson Hugo flying a kite Read more

Butter Mintoes

Living with someone who has dementia can offer all sorts of challenges. Read more

Mothering Someday

Anyone grappling with loss will know this phenomenon; suddenly something happens and bang you are face to face with the grief. Read more

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