I am lucky enough to count the wonderful Dr Elinor Kapp amongst my friends. As well as her hospice work and career in Psychiatry, Elinor is a poet, storyteller and a magnificent textile artist. We’ve been discussing the idea of creating poems about the senses. The idea is to develop a resource that could be used by palliative carers to add more depth and joy to people’s lives. So here is my first offering:-

You gaze at me
The child peeping from behind the grown up mask
Eager but shy
Seeking a boon
Uncertain it will be granted.
“Can I have a shower?”
I smile a correction,
“A massage?”
You give your biggest grin and nod,
My heart nearly breaks.

You sigh nestling your face in the quilt
I spread the smell of lavender over you
I knead your calves
Work my thumbs into the arches of your feet
I take my time
The joy we feel courses through my hands
You quietly groan
My thumbs work up your spine.
I wish I could unknot your mind.

You are silent
You are velvety
You are content.

And then you deeply sleep.

If you would like to hear me reading this poem then click  here alternatively you might feel your time is better spent looking at pictures of lavender, if so click here!!