Like millions the world over I have always dabbled at writing poetry. There’s an allure to trying to express one’s thoughts and feelings in a disciplined form. I like rhyme, rhythm and form but not at all costs, what matters is whether the poem locks onto something inside me. Rarely has anything I’ve written done this for me but I’m trying to change that. Some time ago a good friend , Keren Hermon gave me a wonderful book called “The Ode Less Travelled” by Stephen Fry. This book beckoned me to explore more complex poetic forms. It has opened up for me extraordinarily rich challenges.

I make no claims of poetic brilliance. The poems that make it to these pages are ones that I’m happy with and express something vital I want to share. If they touch you or give you pleasure then I’m honoured. Whatever the outcome many thanks for taking the time to read them.

I would like to record a big thanks to the people who at various times have gone out of their way to offer me their views on the drafts of my poems before they get published here. In no particular order they are:-

  • Tish Camp
  • Catherine Bradder
  • Mark Gillard
  • Helen Hail
  • Keren Hermon
  • Elinor Kapp
  • John Shaw
  • Chris Wheelwright

… I am indebted to them all and count myself lucky to have such good true friends.

If you wish to use my poetry I would see that as an honour, you are free to do so, BUT I do require you to tell me and gain my permission before you go ahead. You can contact me using the comments section available at the end of each poem.

If you would like to hear me read my poems then you can find recordings here.