Continuing The Conversation

I’m regularly attending poetry groups which have open mic sessions. I guess my poems are currently pretty grim listening. One poet decided to share a poem panning verse about life’s hardships. I wasn’t going to let that go without a tussle!!!!!

Some say that poets shouldn’t make
Rhymes about their own heartache.
I wonder then what poesy’s for?
They say that grief and sadness bore,
They say that we should use our verse
To banish the unwholesome curse
Of sharing sad events and pain.
Sentences of word cocaine
To dull the ache and force a grin?
Perhaps expose our lust or sin!
They say, as everybody grieves,
To write of sunsets, crunching leaves.
Things that raise the readers’ cheer,
Banish all that pain and fear.

I’m sure they’re right, I’m sure they’re wrong.
Every poem however long,
Unwraps the poet’s lyric soul,
And if good achieves the goal,
Connecting every heart and mind,
Leaving all of us entwined.
And if that twine embinding us
Is one of grief then should we fuss?
No not at all, let’s give applause,
To the joy of finding common cause.

If you would like to hear me reading this poem then click  here alternatively you might feel your time is better spent looking at pictures of hosepipes, if so click here!!

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2 thoughts on “Continuing The Conversation

  1. I definetly think poets or anyone else, should write about whatever they feel moved to write about. It’s for the poet and for others who can relate to the poem and maybe feel less isolated for that. I for one don’t only ever want to hear a load of cheery rhymes, especially when i’m feeling as miserable as sin.
    Well done Charlie for not letting that go.

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