I wanted to leave the references here a mystery. But most of my wonderful draft readers were insistent that I needed to give context. I set great store in their view. So how to assert my independence and also acknowledge their sagacity?

Dungeons and Dragons, I say no more!

Thieves are skilled in finding hidden ways.
And thieving was a part of my past days,
And now I hear Bill’s voice: “Chas check for traps”.
They relied on me to guard against mishaps.

The ways of grief are never straight and clear,
And to be safe assume a dragon’s near,
And do not let your ticking heart or mind
Be dungeoned and then caught by chains that bind.

So don’t insist your loved one is right here.
You can pretend she’s close, but do not fear
That absence which can overwhelm your calm,
Your memories will help to give you balm.

We seem to spend much time and set such store,
Examining our lives just to ensure
We work out what is real and what’s a role.
And now in grief I see that’s not my goal.

I also know that traps are part of life
I know that without traps there is no wife.

If you would like to hear me reading this poem then click  here alternatively you might feel your time is better spent looking at pictures of Dungeons and Dragons, if so click here!!