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What can I say Read more


Not all tears of grief are unwelcome. Read more

An Unintended Cut (v2)

As a challenge from a group of very talented poets I have written a free form version of this poem. Read more

An Unintended Cut

I never know when memories will come and bite me on the bum! Read more

Check For Traps

I wanted to leave the references here a mystery. Read more

Loss For Words

A friend has just lost a long standing friend.  Read more

Routing For Me

My friend Mark asked me to write this. I didn’t need asking twice! Read more


“Time is a great healer”: I’m yet to be convinced of this.
Read more

Tender Shoots

My wife and I lived in the one home for 43 years. The house is full of lovely memories. Read more

A Line To The Past

We keep a digital photo-frame in our kitchen. Nearly all our family photos are on it cycling continually through. One day I saw a picture of my grandson Hugo flying a kite Read more

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