A Peaceful Midsummer

A poem dedicated to Ellie. The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust had this brilliant idea to pair local poetry enthusiasts with school children. Each would give the other a poetic challenge and then some of the poems would be performed during the 2018 Stratford-upon-Avon Poetry Festiva1 at the Black Box Poetry event on 23rd June. So Ellie’s challenge to me was to write a poem about peace, actors and animals. Oh, as an afterthought she wanted it to be funny! Well Shakespeare, actors, animals it had to be inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I thought I would use the Shakespearian Sonnet form too for a bit of fun …



… I’m not sure it’s very funny though!

I woke and found that I had changed a lot.
My nose was pointy and my ears were long.
It was scary and I found my head was not
A human’s and my skin was very wrong.

My name is Bottom and I want to play
A theatre part just for our gentle Prince,
He’s getting married later on today,
But now my donkey’s head will make him wince.

Some fairy magic’s made me change my shape.
This is unfair, I’m just a simple chap,
I wanted peace but then this magic jape
Beset me whilst I had my little nap.

Oh wicked Pucks and angry fairy Kings,
Why do you need to upset all of us?
Instead of using magic to change things,
Why not make peace and banish all this fuss?

If you really loved your fairy princess bride,
You be humble and eradicate your pride.

If you would like to hear me reading this poem then click  here alternatively you might feel your time is better spent looking at pictures of cabbages, if so click here!!

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